My Story

Hey, you! I'm Rachel.  And that up there ^ is my face. Chances are the first things you'll notice about me are my love of travel, stories, and wine. But don't let that fool you, I'm actually a very serious person....Ok, no that's bullshit. I'm pretty much a big goofball like 88.26% of the time.

If you’re here you probably know that I’m a photographer (duh!) but something you may not know is that wayyyy before I started taking photos of people in love, I was obsessed with stories. I mean, I have 20+ journals FILLED with horribly written stories from when I was 5 years old (and 8 years old, and…let’s be real…25 years old). And in the spirit of being real…I still can’t go to bed without a bedtime story ;)

So all this obsessing over stories led me to think I wanted to be a writer, and I even got a Master’s in New Media Journalism. But through that I found a medium that I really connected with…yup, you guessed it: PHOTOGRAPHY! So being the crazy ass dreamer type that I am, I started my own business that let me tell people’s stories everyday & I haven’t looked back.


Why I Do What I Do

When I was a kid my grandfather (we called him Bips haha) would gather his grandkids around & tell us stories. And like sure, half the time the stories were true (or at least based in truth) & half the time they were utter bullshit. But we were kids & we really didn’t care about that, we just liked hearing them.

Those are some of my fondest memories with Bips but the one’s that stuck in my mind the most were the one’s where, on the rarest of occasions, his stories included photos. Old, generally grainy, black & white or that faded sepia photos. Low quality because of the time they were taken but so important to us. I mean not to be cheesy (but i’m about to be cheesy), it was priceless.

And yeah, yeah, yeah I know this will come off as biased, (after all I make my living as a photographer...) but I WHOLEHEARTEDLY believe this is exactly why photos are so important. Hiring a photographer that gets you, who is there to tell YOUR story, to know you & your love, will be a game changer!! You don’t get to take much home from your wedding day…obviously you’ll take home your new partner, maybe some leftover floral arrangements or food, & obviously a TON of amazing memories. But the one thing that 50 years from now you’ll be able to look back on, to share, to remind yourself of the day you embarked on this crazy adventure of marriage…that one thing = PHOTOS!

You can totally pay your friends cousin a couple bucks & have them take some pictures at your wedding day. (And if that’s what floats your boat, do it)…But being a photographer & capturing a wedding day is so much more than just taking nice looking photos. It’s about telling YOUR story. It’s about sitting down with 10,000+ seemingly disjointed photos & thinking through how to tell a love story in a way that flows.

I have spent YEARS hearing & knowing & being a part of people’s stories! Being a photographer may seem easy to some because let’s be real we’ve all had a camera in our pocket for years now & know how to snap some photos. But being a storyteller through photos & capturing people love story isn’t always easy. That’s why hiring a professional…wait no, not just a professional photographer, but a photographer you CONNECT with!…is such a freakin necessity.

I WANT TO HELP TELL YOUR STORY! Because it’s important. Important to you & your parents & your friends & future kids, grandkids, great grandkids. This is why I do what I do.

Let’s tell your story!!! Hit me up HERE!