Ugh money. So I used to work in a maternity store a long time ago & I loved being able to interact with mommas & mommas-to-be. But I HATED watching them get really excited about things they wanted to buy for themselves or their babies just to break the price tag to them and have to watch their faces when they realized they couldn't afford it. Because money is uncomfortable & the worst.

That being said, my prices are my prices and because this is how I make a living, I can't change them too much. BUT if you've completely fallen in love with the idea of having me photograph your wedding day & I'm a little bit outside of your budget, please REACH OUT & I'll see what we can work out. Because everyone deserves to have their special day be super f*n amazing & if I can be a part of that, I'm not gonna pass it up!!


Prices start at $2495 for weddings in 2020 but vary depending on hours, services, & other coverage needed!

If you like what you see, contact me here & we'll get this party started!!!